In early 2002, I set out to create a space for joy to inhabit.  Understanding, and perhaps craving, the importance of a roomful of laughter, I wanted to create a specific type of physical space with the potential to house a dynamic community.  I imagined a community that would evolve and expand into rich connections, rooted in the "terroir" of southern Minnesota.  I knew the nascent community I imagined must be nourished at its core through ethical and conscious purchasing decisions. I also knew from experience that the community would only truly coalesce around the unbridled enjoyment of a perfectly crafted coffee beverage or a wholesome and nourishing plate of food.  So, with intention, I rose early every morning to create truly delicious things to eat and drink, while my co-workers and I rallied around the simple belief that there was "another" way of doing business, one that considered more than money at its bottom line.  One that dared suggest that to be caring, considerate and thoughtful of our earth and the people around us did make business sense.  Slowly, we grew, we expanded, we stretched and we thrived.  In all choices, then and now, I seek to honor myself and my employees, the sustainability of our earth, including our local food and global coffee sources and the health of our world's farmers.

--Tamika Bertram
owner, River Rock Coffee